New SWIA Core Set Design

We've updated the design of our popular Imperial Assault Storage Inserts!

Vader and the Champion have moved from the skirmish card tray and fit with the rest of the Imperial troops in the main model tray. The skirmish card tray has been updated to support dividers.

The top section has also been redesigned in an effort to provide more space for future expansions. New trays that have been added: an additional 8 small card deck tray (making 3 in total!); a tray to hold the large hero cards; a token "trough" to hold misc status tokens as more are added to the game; and a combo tray to store the extra large and small cards (replaces the skirmish mission card tray). There's also a dedicated space for the rulebooks and skirmish maps. 

It now includes 15 trays instead of 12, at no additional cost to you. The top extends roughly 1.5" from the top of the box, and the lid will still close securely around everything. The trays are modular, so if you don't have any expansions, you can remove the extra card trays for a near flush fit.