Warhammer Underworlds Battle Boxes

We’ve updated the design of our Underworld Battle Box to work with the new Nightvault warbands. The height, width, and depth have all been scaled to accommodate the taller miniatures and increased overall foot print of the warbands. It also now holds all the core set tokens (instead of just half). A magnetic closure has also been added to the lid to keep it more secure during transport.

If you would like to see it in person and you’re attending Adepticon this year, come find us at the tournament and get a 10% off discount code!

Underworld Battle Box

Transport system that's compatible with Warhammer Underworlds. Designed to carry everything you need for a single warband. Whether you're switching tables at a tournament or setting up for a casual game - all of your models, cards, tokens and dice are organized and easy to access!